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sign the guest book - October 15, 2007

....ehhh I know your there already ....

You can now get Our CD on iTunes - September 25, 2007

Get OPULENTs Album on iTunes !!!"A Diversity Of Form" is now available !!!! YAY !!!!

September and October - September 20, 2007

Hey Everyone, We have just finished up Playing some of Our September Shows, going to take a Break and work on NEW MUSIC until Our next adventure which will be the LOVE FEST. in Galveston, We have been Booked for Halloween but dont have the Details Yet... but it is sure to be Horrific, We'll be sharing the Stage With CHANT November 2, still trying to finalize the details on the Venue but none the less we are looking forward to it !!! Dont forget to Pick up Your Copy of "A Diversity of Form" Our latest CD.... Thanks for the Support, sign the guest book god dame it !! HAHAH Alright-see ya' Soon- Allison

New Memeber/ CD release and points of Interest - August 29, 2007

... Hey thanks for stoping by!! We have added Justin to the OPULENT line up, this cat has some talent!!! We have released Our CD " A Diversity Of Form" however the Official Release party is 9/11 yea september 11th at the jet Lounge, Asmodeus X will be playing an extended set, you'll have a chance to hear the CD and We will be performing five songs, performing the ones that we dont normaly perform, and introducing some Unreleased Songs as well. We have some Awsome Shows Coming up, the 14 of september we will be performing with Dallas band and good friends of mine, THE RAZORBLADE DOLLS, these guy put on a hellish show soo be sure to come Out... also, we will be in Galveston for the Love Fest. both friday and saturday performances, sunday we will be doing a set from Allison's Side project, but more details on that coming soon, and Halloween, though I cant tell you, but if it goes thru we will have a KICK Ass Show planed... well thanks for your support be safe and we'll see you son-- Allison

- August 4, 2007

A Diversity of Form is available and ready to ship. Visit Us on line at to get your copy. Visit Our Calender for a full list of Events. Our Official CD Released party is Scheduled For September 11, 2007. Check back for more Details.

A Diversity OF Form combines Scary rhythms and haunting Vocals, making a home in the entwined synthesized soundscape, beautiful and horrific. With a guitarist that is metal influenced, and a Singer that is lost in a superb excursion, and never wanting it to end. Additional Voices have been conjoined to create a mixture of absinthe-induced Metal, Industrial, with sounds that are Rock solid.

A Diversity OF Form has all your Favorites. The opening track is “Dead Gurl” Followed by “Amy Blue” and on to “pOizon”. The new album also includes unreleased material. Introducing, Lyric, Lost and one of my favs, Numb.

WE HAVE OUR CD !!!! - July 31, 2007

... just a quick Note, Yes Our Cd is Being Shipped to Us via UPS I will follow up with you guys more asap-- Allison

Up Coming Shows, CD Release, and Whisper Wish Entertainment - June 15, 2007

... OK !! Just to touch base with Our fans, We are Currently working on Getting the CD out By Early August, We are hoping!! We have recently Teamed up with Whisper Wish Entertainment, We have a "Non-Exclusive" Deal, You May know of WWE thru Havok, Ataxia, and DJ-Whisper Wish... Check Em out on, More Information coming soon.... Be sure to Check Us out at the Engine room on the 23rd of June, and Not to miss, Goth Minister August 7th at the Jet Lounge- til then-- Allison

Up Coming Shows - May 20, 2007

Hey, Be sure to check us out June 5th at the jet lounge with Japenes car crash...

april 10th at the Jet Lounge - April 2, 2007

Come See Us, Visit Our for info

April 10th at the Jet Lounge - April 1, 2007

Come Support, The Jet Lounge is located at 1515 pease Houston TX 77002 next door to the engine room.... doors open at 8 with a $5 cover- thanks

WE HAVE A NEW BASS PLAYER - February 14, 2007

....As of January 23rd We have Officialy ended Our Long Search For a Female Bassist... We are Pleased to Announce the New Addition to the Opulent Line Up... Miss Lollyrott Herself, Everyone Welcome aboard Candy!!!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A NEW YEAR!! - December 23, 2006

.. I have been swamped with E-mails, Thanks for the support. we've passed up a few gigs just to rejuivinate Our selves, I know alot of you wondering, Yes We have some new Material and I am hoping to have a new member starting after the new year, So be on the look out for new Opulent Muzik and a new line up, thanks again- Allison and Bryan

Taking Time Out For Da' HOlidays - December 10, 2006

..... We are taking a short break From Playing out for the Holidays. We are Soon to be playing In Dallas Tx coming this January, We will have the CD Ready for Valentines day... we will keep you posted... thanks for your continued support- Allison Scott


... Opulent will be taking part in the battle of the bands at Fitzgeralds December 3 2006, you can get your tickets right here on Our Site... $8 in Advance..

Where's the Friggin CD - November 8, 2006

... EVery one has been asking About it. heres the deal.... have you ever planed something out, are you amazed that things never go as planed?? well that is the case. I have decieded to really take my time instead of rushing everything just to get out there soo YOU our fans can buy it, I dont want to release anything that is rushed, and then listening to the play back and saying We could have done it this way or that way I want to listen to the new album and say THAT IS AWSOME !! So dont worry I am saving my energy for when the time is right... I really want to give back somthing that means alot to me.. making this album has been alot of work... We are going to be doing the master next week, then it is time to save our money, count the PRE-ORdered CD's count T-Shirt sales and really see how much we can afford, yes my friends it takes alot of money to put out an album, Me and Bryan have listened to the Pre-Mixes, I can telll you now, you'll get your moneys worth... I want every song to be exciting, new and fresh... If you have been listening to OPULENT over the years you can agree, Our style is diffrent, every song takes you a little further down the path, and let me tell you, it has lots of curves, ups and downs... So If your a Loyal fan PRE=Order your CD. If your leery about ordering, shoot me an e-mail, I will give you my address and if your not satisfied with your CD, you can personaly Kick my Ass !!! haha Needless to say I dont like violence so you'll have to take my word A Diversity of Form is everything you have been waiting for and much much more-- Allison

Seeking Female Bass PLayer - October 29, 2006

... OK Kids, we are in search of a new bass player. We are wanting a female bassist, with little or NO experiance. Opulent is currently Playing shows, but have slowed down to help us focus more on the CD, Currently we are hoping that we have it done and ready by christmas if not sooner... be sure to Pre-Order as we are getting ready for the CD that will help us out greatly... thanks, if your intrested in playing. please email see ya on tour-- OPulent

... Album Status.... - October 8, 2006

OK, first I'd like to thank everyone that has PRE-Ordered their CD. I think we have missed Our October 1st dead line so it is safe to say that the new album will done by Jmaury 2007, soo this just gives US time to save our money and to really take things slower to give you a Better album. We have Mixed the Bulk of it and have been spending time
re-mixing and getting each song Perfect. I think My favorite is "Lost"... a song that is in memory of Our friend Brody. Bryan has really done a great job of guitar work, many styles thrown into the mix. Thanks Bryan!!! I also Like Lyric which is a new track that we have added to our Catalog..... I will keep you posted- thanks- Allison

THE NEW ALBUM !!! - October 2, 2006

.... grrrr I just came back from being at the studio pretty much the last three days, we are almost done with the mix down process, taking a little more time than I had anticapated, but I assure you, it is going to be KICK ASS when we are done, then the mastering process and then the duplication, soo we are looking like it will be Jamuary for the release... shooooooooo I wished it to be earlier but I will keep you posted-- Allison

FOR YOU NOSEY MUTHA FUKERS!!!!! - September 26, 2006

If your wondering when and where we have played, I have a list if you go to "tour" click, "Show Past Dates"... there it is some history-Allison

what's up with Merch..?? - September 13, 2006

... OK, I have just added a cool feature that allows you to buy Our merch. Right here on Our web Site. It is safe and secure. You may have seen the banner that are annoucing that we have merch, i.e our home page. we have changed the price for Our on-line store to allow for shipping and tax. . If you have any questions you can E-mail Allison from our Booking page. thanks for your support

Thanks To Everyone that came out september 9th - September 11, 2006

It was an awsome show, the stage was set just right !! Thanks to the bands that shared the stage with Us!! We hope to do it again real soon !!! - Peace- Bryan

Flyer for Vales show 9-06-06 - September 2, 2006

We got a new web site. - September 1, 2006

...Ta Da !! We now have a web site...we finaly found a home. Expect to see some changes as I get used to the Lay-out. Any Suggestions are very welcomed!! Thanks For YOUR Support-- Allison Scott

Opulent Plays at the White Swan - August 20, 2006

Battle of the bands at Fitz - August 13, 2006

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