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Dec 21, 2012 Jet Lounge Houston Texas US
Nov 5, 2011 Acadia on 1960
Oct 15, 2011 Numbers Night Club!/event.php?eid=219475264777192

Mar 5, 2011 Greens Theatre Houston tx
Mar 4, 2011 Greens Theatre Houston tx
Oct 31, 2010 The Meridian Houston tx usa
Jul 6, 2010 The Jet Lounge Houston
Apr 10, 2010 BFE, Formly FBi Houston tx

We will be playing April 10th at B.F.E. 11528 Jones Rd. Houston, Tx 77064. I believe that we will be the Opening act so about 9:30 we take the stage.

Mar 29, 2010 Jet Lounge Houston tx usa

Jun 23, 2009 The Jet Lounge W/ Femme Fatality Houston tx usa

Jun 5, 2009 The Blue Door Lounge Houston tx

by the Makers of HaVoK

Open Bar till 8:30PM
18+ ONLY
$5 Cover (21+) - $8 Cover (Under 21)
$100 Bottle Service

the Blue Door

The Blue Door - 11124 Westhiemer at Wilcrest
Just Outside the Beltway - Houston Texas 77084

Apr 25, 2009 Warehouse Live! Houston tx usa
Apr 1, 2009 ROC Bar. Houston Texas usa
Mar 14, 2009 The Meridian Houston Houston TX

For Those Taking advantage of the Free CD Offer,

.. Email Us and let us Know your name, then come out to the show to see us take the stage at 7:30. We'll let Our Merch Gurl Know who gets a free CD, plus Allison will be giving some away when On stage. I know it's early and Our crowd is a late one, but just as an incentive to get there early we'll give you a free CD.

Opulent Will Be Performing March 14th at the Meridian, We go on at 7:30 So get there Early.
See ya- Allison
Also Playing

Vehement 7:00 - 7:30
Opulent 7:45 – 8:15
Las Imagenes Ocultas 8:30 – 9:00
Chelsea Hotel 9:15 – 9:45
Mercenary X 10:00 – 10:30
Cerebro 10:45 – 11:15
Carry The Storm 11:30 – 12:00


Hey, Our new Album is OUt so help your friendly starving artist by buying one of your copies. They are $10 and that includes shipping. you need to Visit OUr Official page to Order.
Thanks- Allison
www. OpulentMusic. com

Click Here To Order Your Copy


Oct 28, 2008 Jet Lounge Houston tx
Oct 25, 2008 CruX Shadows at The Meridian Houston tx

..Get Ready for HaVoK's 4th Halloween From Hell..

Click on the graphic below to RSVP

Halloween Show - Oct. 25th at the Meridian. The Cruxshadows with Ayria, IScintilla and Opulent.

featuring The Cruxshadows, Ayria, I:Scintilla, and our very own Opulent LIVE.

Join us for our biggest party of the year.
Includes a room full of vendors,
HaVoK's Halloween Costume Contest, Prizes/Giveaways and more TBA.

Aug 5, 2008 Ikonoklast houston tx


Jul 19, 2008 White Swan houston tx


Jul 12, 2008 The Pitt XXXX CANCELLED SHOWXXX Pasedena tx
Jul 5, 2008 The Engine Room/Club HaVok Houston tx
Jun 27, 2008 Rock Bottom Tattoo and Bar San Anotonio
Jun 20, 2008 Azteca houston TX


Jun 13, 2008 Java Jazz


Jun 11, 2008 Scout Bar


May 27, 2008 Jet Lounge

Hosted By: HaVoK
When: Tuesday May 27, 2008
at 8:00 PM
Where: The Jet Lounge
1515 Pease
Houston, Texas,77002
United States

Click Here To View Event, Make Sure You RSVP, Your not gonna want to Miss the Triac Resistor Debut, KLICK HERE!!!

May 27th, Triac Resistor will be making a debut at the Jet Lounge, Former Guitarist for Bozo Porno Circus, along with Memebers from Asomdeus X and Opulent, you wont want to miss this show, Thanks- Mike-Synth


May 27, 2008 The Jet Lounge Houston tx
May 23, 2008 Java Junction


May 2, 2008 The Elysium Austin tx

I wanna See ya' There...


Apr 26, 2008 Azteca Houston tx
Apr 15, 2008 The Jet Lounge Houston tx
Apr 5, 2008 The Pitt Pasadena tx
Mar 28, 2008 Liquid Lounge Dallas TX

..March 28th Dallas With The RazorBlade Dolls, Meat Goat, Triple Six Shooters


Promoters and Booking Agents, OPULENT is now Open For Booking


DONT FORGET we are going to be in Dallas March 27th-28th Performing that Friday, the plan is to go up to Dallas and go to the Church thursday and then we play with The Razor Blade dolls and Meat Goat along with triple 6 shooters, so if you want to Ride, reserve your spot on the Bus... thanks- Allison

Mar 1, 2008 The Engine Room Houston TX
Feb 14, 2008 Walter's on Washington
Feb 6, 2008 Super Happy Fun Land Houston tx
Feb 1, 2008 The Engine Room Houston tx
Dec 29, 2007 Meridian/ Houston


"Dec. 29th at the Meridian"

Nov 2, 2007 PLaying with CHANT !!! Houston TX
Oct 31, 2007 More Details To Come ( at the Engine Room)
Oct 28, 2007 Fitzgeralds Houston TX

Oct 13, 2007 THE LOVE FESTIVAL,Galveston,TX Galveston,TX
Oct 12, 2007 Love Festival To be Held in Galveston,TX Galveston,TX
Sep 14, 2007 THE ENGINE ROOM Houston TX
Sep 11, 2007 CD RELEASE PARTY !!! Houston TX
Aug 28, 2007 The Jet Lounge Houston TX
Aug 7, 2007 The Jet Lounge Houston TX USA
Jul 19, 2007 The Engine Room
Jun 23, 2007 The Engine Room Houston TX
Jun 22, 2007 The Engine Room Houston TX USA

Vampire Ball this Friday - June 22 - Engine Room

HaVoK presents Blood Dance - Vampire's Ball
At the Engine Room Friday June 22nd, 2007

Featuring Opulent, Lucid Dementia. Darkwave Dance spun by DJ Void (Elysium - Austin), DJ Naika Whisperwish (HaVoK, AtaXia), DJ Nitekry (HaVoK, AtaXia) and much more.

Vendors include Dark Kraft Magiks, Vampire Syndicate, ABC Bodyart, and more.

Prizes, Giveaways.
First 50 Vampires at the door get in for half price.

Click on graphic to RSVP on Myspace

Vampires Ball

Come to this show.
Opulent will be playing with :
Silenced within
Grim December
Pulse Faction

June 23rd, 2007
Engine Room
1515 Pease St.
Houston TX, 77002

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Jun 22, 2007 Vampire Ball
Jun 5, 2007 The Jet LOunge Houston tx
Apr 10, 2007 Jet Lounge Houston TX U.S.A

Our First Show With Candy Our newest Member... come out and Support- Allison

Dec 3, 2006 Fitzgeralds Houston
Oct 31, 2006 Vales Ice House Houston TX usa

Oct 27, 2006 Private Party/ Remax Pearland
Sep 13, 2006 A complete list of past shows soon!!

This might take me some time but I will have a complete list of all the shows that we have done. ahaha many are based up on the flyers that I have kept soo I am trying to remember how many there are but I will get them on here, we have played out ALOT !!! I have some highlights about the shows and additional info.

Sep 9, 2006 Vales Ice House Houston TX
Aug 20, 2006 White Swan
Aug 13, 2006 Fitzgeralds Houston Tx
Jun 23, 2006 Havok/Middle Earth Houston TX
May 21, 2006 Engine Room Houston TX
Apr 29, 2006 White Swan
Oct 29, 2005 Jeff Davis Hospital,

* see the Current Events section for details.It was pretty spooky!!!

Feb 13, 2004 Superstious studios Houston

Jessica's Birthday party and a huge Art exhibit.This would be the Last Opulent show for some time. Allison was grieving the death of Close friend. He would later in April Move to Dallas for a short period of time where he played with Dallas band Trend Kill Clinic. He came back to houston after sometime of healing. Returning in July, Allison took a full year off from Music. In September of 2005, Opulent resumed where they had left off, creating new music that has become heart felt by many. The Results can be heard on the up-coming Album. thanks for your continued support.

Dec 31, 2003 Fransicious Studios New years eve party.
Nov 22, 2003 Cardi's Houston

CD RELEASE PARTY FOR-The Factory, "The Blue Coller Compilation" which Opulent appears among other Houston Artist.

Mar 28, 2003 COMMUNION San Antonio, Allison with Asmodeus X
Jan 25, 2003 Sin 13 San Antonio Allison with Asmodeus X
Dec 22, 2002 With Asmodeus X at the Engine room Houston

with Psychonaut75 and Astrogenic Hallucinauting.Allison sits in once again for Asmo, this time playing additional synths.

Nov 23, 2002 Art Crawl Fransico's Studios Houston
Oct 31, 2002 Numbers, Allison with Asmodeus X

October 31, 2002 VAMPIRE BALL @ NUMBERS Houston, TX
with Bozo Porno Circus

Feb 4, 2002 ??? I know I have shows I am forgetting

Sorry, I began to play with Asmodeus X and I cant seem to remember all the shows OPULENT performed, but I will figure it.

Feb 2, 2002 Superstitious Studios Houston
Nov 2, 2001 Cardi's Houston
Oct 31, 2001 Cardi's, Houston
Oct 28, 2001 Cardi's Houston
Oct 26, 2001 Cardi's, Hosuton

no it isnt a type-O we played friday and sunday and then again on wendsday!!!

Oct 25, 2001 Allison loses his job,

Opulent almost didnt make it. the coming months would prove to be diffucult for the memebers of the band. Having a total 6 Memebers which would come back to being only Bryan and Allison. at this time it was right after 9/11 and alot of people lost their jobs. it was a scary time in history.

Oct 14, 2001 RockFest 2001@ The Mansion, Houston

worn out from the night before, for some reason the audeiance was primarly strippers 10 bands played, guess everyone brought they gurl friends.

Oct 13, 2001 Fransico's Studios Fourth floor.

This was Our Largest Crowd ever, an estimated 250 ++ in Attendance. We Performed with Soul Jury, Hey Solidad you remember that show? or is it too Deep Above Surface !! It was an Awsome evening of intense music, and some one droped a pill in my beer, ahha I was fucked up !!

Jul 14, 2001 Allison with Asmodeus X in Dallas

with Exceed 6 Doses

Jul 4, 2001 Club 9406, Pasadena
Jun 12, 2001 Numbers,Allison sits in with Asmodeus X

with Diva Destruction


Allison Sits in With Asmodeus X playing Drums.

May 5, 2001 Atomic Cafe, Austin Tx
Apr 27, 2001 Dance With The Dead, Hosted by Allison Scott Muzik at the Art St

... My first Show to Host, We had ANgels with Knives from Dallas Tx come to Open for the event...

Apr 22, 2001 Saint Arnold's Brewery Houston

A Benifit for the WM3.....

Mar 16, 2001 Bubba's Ice Haus, Houston

....they Kicked us out before they threw beer bottles at Us HAHAHAH

Nov 18, 2000 Art Crawl, Fransico's studios Houston
Jul 11, 2000 Pelican, Kema Tx
Jun 19, 2000 house party Houston
Jun 18, 2000 Club 9406, Pasadena
Jun 10, 2000 House Party, Houston
Jun 6, 2000 Instant Karma, Houston

... This would be Our FIRST show, I was previously playing Synths For Gelatin founded by former guitarist for legandary DethKultur BBQ

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