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OPULENT: In the Begining


Opulent began in the summer of 2000, currently now with 8 years of writing and countless performances, Opulent has sculpted its sound to be every essence of the word. Combining numerous styles into the OPULENT sound, the group prides itself for having no two songs sound the same, a constituent in design. Truly, "A Diversity of Form". A sad song or a Song that fuels the soul, OPULENT’s music comes from the heart, whether it be; love, hate, lust or anger, emotion is a definite element. Scary rhythms and haunting Vocals have a home in the entwined synthesized soundscape, Beautiful and Horrific. With a guitarist that is metal influenced, and a Singer that is lost in a superb excursion, and never wanting it to end. Additional “Voices” have been conjoined to create a mixture of absinthe-induced Metal, Industrial, with sounds that are Rock solid. Allison Scott coins the phrase Kauffin-Rock. However, To classify, you would have to hear it for yourself. Friends,Freaks, and Fiends alike, Prepare yourself for Opulent's Debut Album “A Diversity of Form” Available Now, and Apple i-Tunes as well as

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